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Teach Dream ESP

Dreamed 2012/2/14 by Wayan

I'm teaching a class in cultivating extrasensory perception, especially predictive dreams.

I help a short slender girl with a funny accent--part Cockney, part Appalachian! She's cute and seems smart to me, but her classmates all treat her as barbaric--some kind of hick. Feels to me like accent prejudice!

This week, we focus on sending dream messages back through time to your earlier self to warn you of dangers or opportunities ahead. This is the explanation of some predictive dreams--they're not radar looking ahead, but the future you shouting back...

But not all predictive dreams are this sort. I know of many cases where a clearly predictive dream pans out correctly but the dreamer doesn't try to send a warning back. And in some cases it's hard to see how anyone could, consciously or even unconsciously. If you die in your sleep of unknown causes, what warning would you know to send? Even if you postulate an afterlife, do souls read coroner's reports?

So this technique doesn't explain all precognition, let alone the other types of apparent ESP. But sending back-messages IS a teachable and useful trick--even lifesaving, now and then.

And surely most students want useful techniques more than comprehensive theory!


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