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Three Flying Dreams

Dreamed before 1988 by Sharad Chandra


Once in a dream I was asking how was it possible to fly. The answer came: "When you sometimes draw in enough air from remote atmosphere where the air is light and pure, the heaviness of lower altitudes cannot hold you anymore, you must soar away."


There was a big crowd; most people simply watched while others played a miraculous game; from time to time some joined in this strangest, wildest and most violent game. The players were rising in the air, flying, performing unbelievable acrobatics; they sang and danced in the air.

Anybody who wished to join had to cut off his head with his own hands! A few people volunteered but hesitated in the last moment and went back to the crowd of spectators. Some men and women overcame their hesitation and cut off their heads with their own hands, and they acquired new heads and perfect free will; they immediately rose in the air and performed wonders as they wished.


In a Paris book-shop, I wanted to reach the upper shelf but there was no ladder so I simply levitated and suspended in the air comfortably looked through books. People in the book-shop were frightened and called in the police. They asked me to come down, but I floated over their heads and out over Boulevard Saint-Michel. People stopped where they were, but policemen were running and ordering me to come down. Soon I hovered over Notre Dame. Policemen looked up shouting and threatening, caps fell off their heads. They were furious. For sometime I enjoyed the funny situation and then moved away from the scene of disturbance and gently flew over Paris. Sometime later I was over the countryside, I continued flying over forests and mountains and then took a vertical turn and in a few moments could see galaxies beneath rivers of mist.

SOURCE: Dreamworks: an Interdisciplinary Quarterly (v.5, no.3-4, 1988, p.152)

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