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Too Proud for Mars

Dreamed 1990/6/23 by Chris Wayan

A famous hero, usually a loner, has done all he can in this world alone. So a friend invites him to help her drive a truck from Earth past the Big Puddle (the only body of surface water on Mars) so she can deliver a truckload of goods to a city halfway round Mars.

Of course there's a road to Mars! Americans build a road to everywhere.

It's just what he needs, a new world, new adventures, and with a friend this time... but that's why he's reluctant to go! He's used to being the best around, and she'd be leader on this run, and he'd have to learn cooperation and taking advice (not even orders) from someone as skilled as he is.

And he can't have that!


Oh, shit. He's me. I've been getting a lot of friendship-offers and good advice, but the wounded side of me is feeling just too proud, too touchy--keeping my friends at arm's length. And that's really blocking my road forward!

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