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Under the Fur

Dreamed 1997/10/7 by Chris Wayan
Big screen, fast connection? Watercolor comix of Under the Fur

At suburban reunion I spot a striped creature in the back yard. Dream sketch by Wayan.

I'm in my parents' living room, at some family reunion. I'm bored. I don't talk much. Nothing in common.

I just sit by their big back window, looking out over Silicon Valley and the Bay.

A large animal crosses the lawn, carrying a limp skunk or big black squirrel in its mouth. The animal's big, maybe a hundred pounds, much too lithe for a bear, too stocky for a wolf, rather like a raccoon but far too big. It has long, luxuriant fur, striped cream and cinnamon.

Unsure just WHAT it is...

Then it detaches from its fur, leaves the thick coat absent-mindedly behind as it slips off on a side trip thru the flowers! It--no, she--is a feral child! With a heavy fur coat for disguise. Under the striped pelt hides a shorter-pelted humanoid girl. Dream sketch by Wayan.

Or IS she a feral human? Even away from her fur coat she has cat-whiskers, and a short neat pelt like a seal, and she's a bit too fast and natural as a quadruped. Beautiful in her nonhuman way, even sexy.

I watch quietly. Don't want to spook her. She explores the yard, then takes her lunch in her teeth again and slinks out past the back fence again.

To meet... her mentors! Looming figures masked in heavy furs.

They lean down and scold her a bit. She chitters back, defensive. I think she's going through a rite of passage by entering human territory, and they're displeased she let her outer fur slip...

Even thru the noise in the living room and the glass and the language and species barrier, I can recognize nagging: "You ran out from under your fur! You let a HUMAN see your inner pelt!"

But they're wrong. She was safe enough, revealing herself to me.

Just luck, or did she sense I'm like her--in disguise?

Just passing for human.

Furry family leaves suburban backyard. Dream sketch by Wayan.


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