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Under the Heiress's Spell

Dreamed 1997/7/30 by Chris Wayan

I'm visiting a mansion split by a multi-story atrium or lobby, lined with balconies and crossed by bridges. It's one wild party upstairs--an orgy, really. But I'm here on business--seeking a man who stole or forged a painting--a masterpiece. The cops are on to him, but I want to question him first. So I have to stay on ground level, can't go up and join the party, though I long to. Women in gowns, men in tuxes on grand staircases. Sketch of a dream by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

And I'm invited: the heiress who owns the place wants to play with me. She has a strange sexual philosophy: first she has your sex history and medical records researched to make sure you're safe (and she has the money to do it, whether you want her to or not), then she invites a whole mess of safe people to her parties and has one wild fling after another, to see how she changes with each lover. She's magnetic, beautiful, and casts a strange spell, banishing jealousy; all her lovers just accept it's how she is, and stay friends!

I like her, and want her too, but this art-theft business means I have to delay.

Or maybe it's just not my turn yet?

Nervous, pacing. I want air, and leave the house. Walk out front to the edge of the lot. A cheap plywood fence with a partial roof and railing runs along the street, like a sidewalk by a construction site--except this one's planted with flowering vines, covering big patches. Edible fruit dangles down. The field of the heiress's spell reaches out this far, and her uncritical warmth spills over onto me. And not only onto me... I know I can have anyone I meet along this walkway! In the fringe of her golden glow, they'll all say yes to sex, yes to love... This is my chance to win someone I normally couldn't. I'm willing to gamble that once I've broken the ice, I can hang on to a woman I normally wouldn't even dare come on to. No small talk, but there's a lot to me. Even if I lose her at last, at least I'll have dating momentum.

But... the few people who happen to pass are old, or ugly, or male, or all three at once. There's not one single person I want at all.

So much for that wish-fulfillment! Even magic irresistability's not always enough!

Patience. Patience. Wait for the Heiress herself. Or maybe it'll be someone else. But don't settle now, just because you can have any woman you see. Who do you see?

I go back in. To wait. And see.

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