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Unicorn and Mermaid

1987/11/15, early digital picture (just 16 colors!) combining figures from unrelated dreams, by Chris Wayan

These were figures from separate dreams. Rather than draw isolated portraits I thought I'd put them together at the one place they could meet: the seashore.

And yes, I think they're lovers, or at least heading that way fast.

Unicorn wading in the sea meets mermaid
This was painted in the Computer Neolithic--done on an Amiga (nonsquare pixels!), with a mouse, in Deluxepaint, a 16-color program years before Photoshop.

I deliberately set myself a severe challenge, trying to depict light in water with such a severely limited palette. Not to mention drawing dream figures from memory, with no models or photos or sketches to go by.

Painting them (I did four versions over months) paid off. It eventually triggered a dream-encounter with the unicorn, who had startling things to say.

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