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New York City

Dreams set in metropolitan New York. Do they have a regional flavor? You decide.

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AMERICAN WIDOW: by Alissa Torres; February 2002, a dream of her husband lost on 9/11
High-voltage traces of our lust and love flowed through our mattress nightly... until one night when the power surged and overflowed. Then I felt you...
BAYONNE: by a precognitive Floridian; 1945/8/6, a predictive dream
"There is going to be an explosion of two or three millions of gallons of oil or gasoline in Bayonne in three weeks or three months..."
BIG FLAMING AIRPLANES TRYING TO LAND: by Jack Kerouac, late Oct. 1953, a two-part surreal nightmare
Two DC-6s catch fire and burn over New York, and then I'm a naked child in a Babylonian Byzantine temple older than America, across the river in Bayonne...
FALL INTO FEAR: by Brenda Ferrimani; 2001/9/12, a 9/11 nightmare transformed by lucidity
I'm falling into endless darkness. I feel like screaming, but then I remind myself I'm dreaming. "What is for me here?" I demand. "SHOW ME!" I begin rising toward the stars. Huge metal discs with alien writing rise with me...
GROUND ZERO: by Al Davison; 2001/9/9, a predictive dream-comic.
Two days before 9/11, I dream I'm a child at ground zero, mourning the devastation--and witnessing rebirth.
HEDGEHOG AND WHITE RABBIT: by Wayan; 1972/12/1, a dream love story.
Hedgehog and White Rabbit stick together, through the snipers on Broadway, through the dogs of winter, through cannibal soup...
I'M AT MY RAINY MORNING WORKDESK: by Jack Kerouac, late Aug? 1954, a lucid dream-prompt missed
I look down by the dock and see the Navy vessels anchored in the bay and the crowds of sailors walking on the water towards the land...
JUST BEFORE 9/11: by Patti Viscardi; 6 AM 2001/9/11, a predictive nightmare
I was on a plane... It was almost graceful, the plane actually entered the building before everything dissolved into flame...
A LIFE IN PERCENTAGES: by Wayan; 2013/5/19, a dream about dreams--and timesharing
A man I meet leads half a dozen consistent dreamlives--a life so splintered it's hard to be sure which is his waking one...
MY DREAM NIGHTJOB: by Jack Kerouac, late 1956 or early '57, an outa-the-mouths-of-babes-revelation dream.
First I commute to my dreamjob on a four-story bus, then I my baby brother (who I wouldn't give any chocolate pudding) utters a new poem by William Blake...
NAPPING IN PATERSON: by a Paterson mom; before 1961, a lifesaving intuitive flash
I was downtown when I knew I had to hurry home. It was full of gas. Our two-year-old had turned on all the stove jets as my husband napped...
NEWS AT ELEVEN: by a widow-in-process; 1948/10/27, a somatized empathic waking nightmare
My heart suddenly began beating like a sledge hammer. I couldn't imagine what was happening, and got very frightened...
POLE OF THE EMPIRE STATE: by Wayan; 2002/3/26, a nightmare not quite echoing 9/11, about suspension
I find myself clinging to a pole as tall as the Empire State Building. Can I slide down without falling? Or burning from friction? And... what's down there?
RUTHIE'S CALL: by Ruthie; before 1961, a lifesaving intuitive compulsion
It was way too late to call, but an irrational urge made me wake my friend up and pester her until...
TO GET DOWN FROM OUR APARTMENT: by Jack Kerouac, around Halloween 1957, a possibly telepathic dream of fear
My mom had to climb a ladder down the side of the Empire State Building; I'm told she fell and died. I later learn she...
TRANSFUSION by a New York woman; 1950s? (over a 5-year span), three predictive dreams
I dreamt of the Du Pont lab where I'd work, then the hospital where my sister-in-law would need a transfusion, then my of neighbor's coffin...
TRAVEL: by "SchlofM"; 2008/2/10, a dream about protection
I'm on a wild trip to who knows where, with my young-again mom and my dead dad... and who's that other guy?

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