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Dreamed 1992/2/3 by Chris Wayan

I'm having a hard day's dream. First the homeless steal my shoes...

And then later, barefoot, I enter Adrenaline Hall. Halfway through, a gauze net tilts down from the ceiling--not dropping on me, but swinging down to block my escape. Instantly I feel a flood of adrenaline/epinephrine, way too much for the mild fear I'm feeling... almost as if the net somehow INJECTED me!

In fact, there's so much stimulant that I'm forced groggily awake, though I don't particularly want to, it's not nightmarish... just revved from deep sleep to too-much-coffee-insomnia in seconds, like a car going from zero to sixty...

And as I wake, my heart drumming madly, pointlessly, I remember this effect! Edgar Cayce said some nightmares do this on purpose. They flood you with strong emotions, just to give your endocrine system a workout. It's like weightlifting! The content of dreams like that can be secondary--it's just a gimmick to get you upset--about as meaningful as an action flick.

Groggy, half asleep, I think "Cayce was right, I've just had one, an endocrinal dream!" I fidget in bed for a long time, due to the stuff in my blood--emotionally quite calm, yet I gotta move--fight or flight!

Damn, it's frustrating! This is what I get for leading too bland a life... Deep in this February night, I'm all dressed up in hormones, with no place to go.

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