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The Airport Automatic Photo Booth

Dreamed & © 1997/11/19 by Julie Doucet.
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Black and white comic of a dream by Julie Doucet. At the airport, Julie tries a strange photo booth.
Black and white comic of a dream by Julie Doucet. A photo booth takes pictures of Julie's memories! She emerges from the booth excited... to find her luggage has been stolen.


This is from Julie Doucet's collection of dream-comics, My Most Secret Desire. Dark, dense, and intense, her dreams are full of sex (and sex changes), birth, cats, crazy guys, nightmares, recurring dreams, even a bit of lucidity. One of very few cartoonists to have published a whole book of dream-comix, and one of VERY few women to manage it. Strongly recommended for dreamaholics. And for people (like me) who forget to keep an eye on their luggage.

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