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1997/1/22-3/8, digital improv-portrait of inner selves by Chris Wayan

Alice Miller was told as a kid that she couldn't paint right. So she gave up art and became a child psychologist and writer.

But late in her life, she decided to hunt for her lost child. Or maybe her Beginner's Mind, as in Zen. I don't know. Anyway, she started drawing the forbidden blobs and monsters still inside her... interesting wobbly work. And the monsters gave her messages--about freedom, mostly. She published a book of the paintings called "Pictures of a Childhood."

When I read it, I was impressed, and tried it myself. Instead of watercolor (expensive paper!) I used a computer, spraycanning colors till monsters emerged. But they were pretty happy, to my surprise. And then they said... well, not what I expected.

spraycanned happy monsters say 'fun makes you strong, not pain!' Click to enlarge.
And for what it's worth, I pass their messages on to you. Especially "FUN makes you strong--not pain!" I doubt that's universal...

But neither is its incredibly popular opposite.

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