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Antelope Girls

Dreamed 2015/1/2 by Wayan

Antelope girl I dated in a dream; sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

That Day

At a bus stop I see a poster for a City program to help prostitutes escape pimps. The poster girl says "My pimp handled everything. I had no privacy, no independence. Now I got my OWN room, money, choices." By her unglamorized waiflike face, the poster's meant for girls not long in the life and street kids considering it; someone they can identify with. Not meant for the rest of us.

But I identify strongly. And I feel attracted to her.

That Night

All the homeless girls in town call themselves Antelopes. And why not? They're skittish and alert and need to be--they're potential prey.

But my mom takes this literally. I bring home an antelope date and my mom just scoffs. "Antelope? Girl, you're not an antelope. How could you grasp anything with antelope hooves? How can you talk with an antelope brain?" She won't budge from literalism.

But maybe my mom is making a point to me. I like this girl a lot. But that's partly because she has a truly antelopian aura. Does that mean she can only see guys as predators, not potential mates?

Notes Next Morning

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