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Dreamed 2013/7/19 by Wayan

At the party looms a magnetic tall
brown bag o' bones. He played b-ball
but now he coaches lives. He calls
himself "The Anti-Saboteur",
but you address his navel otherly:
you say "sir".

He demos antisabo. I volunteer, along
With two brave women ready to be wrong.
Observes us flounder to the brink of song,
math and flirting (skills we long to master)--
flounder till disaster.

"Seek slips: self-trip, self-fall."
But under his clear scrutiny, all
we do is picture crimes unreal!
"You each lack an essential skill
circumstance or tool.

"Players need strong hands, and
math needs peace and quiet, and
girls need guys, not slimy eels.
Auto-condemnation is not cool.
Defaultin' to self-doubt reveals
a therapizin' fool."


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