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Dreamed 8/20/1996 by Chris Wayan
Do I seem to have a pat explanation for every dream? This one's for you.

I'm in my parents' house, in the hall outside my old bedroom, talking to a friend (an older man) about a machine running in my bedroom doorway. It's electric, larger than a toaster, pumplike, whirring. Perfectly common in this world, yet later when I wake, I can't identify it. What's it do? For some yards around it, you get the feeling you're in a car: faint vibration, sudden mild gravity/acceleration shifts corresponding to turns and stops. But that's not its purpose, just a side effect. Everyone here's familiar with it and ignores the effect. I'm sitting on the smooth linoleum floor; when a specially strong wave pushes me across the hall several feet. I could have braced my self easily but I let it push me, even help a little, enjoy the propulsion.

I ask "Has it ever occurred to you that this is an extraordinary side effect? This household appliance is a gravity generator! Not a strong one, I admit, probably less than 0.1 g, but millions of them across the country are pushing objects around and no one's thought to make the side effect the MAIN effect. Might build tractor beams, antigravity... Why has no one followed the implications of this effect?"

My friend is shocked. It's true. He's dismissed it like everyone else! Why? It violates every law of physics we know. Yet he's ignored it.


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