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Dreamed 1994/9/8 by Chris Wayan

for censors everywhere

The future's a fully webbed world.

Since all data's online, it's very fluid. A flower-symbolism cult springs up one week, gives way to a sex fad the next.

Then some group buys the rights to the Bible, and publishes some flower references and sex scenes.

These Bible excerpts get heavy usage, but the full text seems unpopular. So the new owners poll their users and find many parts of the Bible are too archaic or grotesque for modern people.

So they delete all that confusing stuff, leaving just the sexy and flowery bits.

And from then on, till world's end, that's the Bible.

Sex and pretty flowers.

A woman with flowers spilling out of her head, becoming her hair. A Biblical motto says 'So fill your mind with flowers...' Click to enlarge.

This innocently, unconsciously, horribly censored Bible reminds me of another warning dream, PSYCHO-EGG--its clear upper half only had nice things--all the awkward items were stuffed down into the shadows below. A stratified, polarized soul! And it isn't just me. Christianity went dualistic, in the name of virtue. Will the Web World go dualistic in the name of popularity?

Will the new sin be the failure to entertain?

PRACTICAL WARNING: I have an art show coming up. What pictures will appeal? Why, pretty pictures with maybe some sex and romance, and some flowers for the wall! Just sell my shamanic soul-visions as wallpaper, why not?

IMPRACTICAL WARNING: to all you pious folks out there, hoping to censor work you find immoral--it cuts both ways! If you start censoring my stuff, believe me, I and millions of others will be going after yours. Your holy books have plenty I find offensive. And heretics and pagans like me are hardly your worst fear. The bulldozers of commercialism and popular indifference have (re)moved more mountains than faith ever did, and they're gassed up to stripmine you and your sacred traditions, right now. Either you learn to defend everyone's free speech and thought, or you go under, too.

And that's the friendliest concession of shared interests I'll ever make to you. So listen up!

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