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Black Puppeteer

Dreamed 1930s by Anonymous #2

I saw a flat garden of green lawn and flowering beds, with big trees in the background. It was bright sunshine. F. was walking there and a little way in front of her a small child with yellow hair kept running from side to side and stooping down to look at the flowers.

After I had seen this very clearly, I noticed that the child's movements were controlled by the gestures of a tall black figure, moving from left to right, and walking close behind F. who never knew she was there.

The tall figure was not human: she was entirely black--hair, face, arms, drapery--like a statue made of unpolished black marble. She was majestic and infinitely beautiful; very calm and suave. When I saw what she was doing I was horribly frightened and woke up.


This dream was contributed by an anonymous friend of Walter de la Mare's for his 1939 book Behold, This Dreamer! De la Mare used it as an example of the sort of dream that lends itself to symbolic interpretation but also shapes the dreamer directly, as an intense life-experience quite apart from any message.

This isn't rare. Most of my milestone dreams work both ways too. Don't let others bully you into interpreting dreams that don't want to be interpreted! The whole point of meeting an invisible black puppeteer can be meeting an invisible black puppeteer.

--Chris Wayan

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