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by Chris Wayan 1983/6/7

My circle of friends...
Like a ring of wolves round a shot elk?
Or a disc of pale sun through hooting fog?
Or a pebblewake, fleeing itself in fear?
Or the silverlet abrow that girl in dreams?

My ring of friends...
When you outgrow a beloved
bracelet, it breaks:
burst by living wrist.
But snapped ends pinch.
Ouroboros bites.
The disc coils in
To pulse and spring
Like the snake in Grampa's watch,
Beating, beating,
The rattlesnake of time,
swaying, saying...
"To bite, or not to bite;
That is the question."

I snipped my circle of friends.
In curled the bitter ends.
The steel coil froze to a solid coin
And crushed on down, a boa round my breast,
A blackhole heart, condensed
like rage to one dread point.

My ring boils down. At last I peer
In the bottom of the pot.
No essence! Just three flakes of soot.
The rest was all hot air.

Now that I've refound my core
At the cost of all my friends,
I find my own gravity locks me in.
Snake in a knot--frozen spring!

To Houdini this requires
Innocence I formerly have lacked.
No use fighting gravity with fire.
I need a new dimension,
From whose odd prism
The flat knot picks like a jigsaw lock.
The spring'll helix,
sing into wire;
Singularity blooms
A quasar flower.
Flame of creation:

I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.

infalling matter forms a black hole, whick explodes into light: a quasar.

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