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Both Mourn, Both Die

Dreamed December 9, 1694 by "J.H. Esq."


This early dream-report is from Miscellanies upon Various Subjects by John Aubrey, 1696. Aubrey, a scientist, was scrupulous (for his era) about sources and timing; thus, though we have only a brief, indirect account of the dream itself, he makes it clear the Earl found his friend's dream striking enough to tell it before the message arrived, so later circumstances didn't provoke or color the telling.


J. H. Esq. being at West-Lavington with the Earl of Abbingdon, dreamed, December the 9th, his mother rose up in mourning: and anon the Queen [Mary II] appeared in mourning.

He told his dream the next morning to my Lord, and his Lordship imparted it to me (then there) Tuesday, December 11.

In the evening came a messenger, post from London, to acquaint Mr. H. that his mother was dangerously ill: he went to London the next day; his mother lived but about eight days longer. On Saturday, December 15, the Queen was taken ill, which turned to the small pox, of which she died, December 28, about two o'clock in the morning.

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