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1989, a digital sex change by Chris Wayan

Not a very accomplished sketch, I admit, but it's not as naked as it looks... It's porn with an idea hidden inside. See, I based its awkward pose on a real photo from an old Playboy from the 1970s, showing a woman tranced out and writhing, all cosmically orgasmic, the way everything from romance-novel covers to modern porn shows women in sex, but NOT men, who are always shown way more businesslike and instrumental.

Okay, maybe YOU see men surrendering like this, but I don't. Media blackout! Or do guys just not do this?

So I sketched this woman all focused and butch, petting a GUY who's in the blissful, limp, rubbery pose from that Playboy photo. I think it looks even more unnatural with a man arching his back like that, arms all floppy. Some of that is my crude rendition, but fully half was in the original picture. She'd gone all boneless... Do I do that? Do you?

I have serious doubts that what we get presented by the media, including the most explicit porn, has anything to do with our real behavior... let alone our real feelings.

Girl very focused and guyish, masturbating a boy who's in femme romance-novel orgasmic ecstasy. Or is it silly?

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