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Burn His Tree

Two linked nightmares on art, dreamt 2007/2/7 by Emily Joy

1: MOM

I was a mother with a toddler who was just learning to walk. We were sitting in a tree together... but the wrong tree.

For in this tree dwelt a spirit named John, who took the shape of a huge disfigured walking-stick insect. John tries to kill anyone who climbs his tree! He chased us all the way down the trunk, gaining on us, until I grabbed my baby and leapt to the ground. Heavy broken branches rained down on us. I took the blows, shielding my child...


Much later, in a different dream, I was the chief of the fire department. We got called to the scene of a wildfire. John's tree was in the heart of it, burning brightly. I got my team moving to put out the rest of the fire...but I left his tree to burn.

When it was reduced to embers clinging to a charred husk, I returned, crunching over the black waste, to apologize to John... and exorcise him from this place for good.

NOTES IN THE MORNING 'Skywatcher': a robed woman sits in a tree watching a crescent moon. A pastel by Susan Seddon Boulet.

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