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Dreamed 1991/7/2 by Chris Wayan.

I saw a painting of mine in the De Young Museum called The Businessman in Anguish. When I woke, I knew I was meant to paint it. The dream-version was angular, with disturbing tilted masses, like "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"--awake, I couldn't capture that fully. Still, that businessman has some of the feel of the dream. He's literally painted with anguish: I used the word itself as my paintbrush (look close and you can see the letters in some spots where they haven't overlapped too many times).

A businessman howling, painted using a brush made of the word ANGUISH.

The De Young Museum houses San Francisco's collection of old masters--at least second-rate old masters. Seeing my painting of the Businessman among the medieval Christs and Flemish burghers convinced me capitalism and gender armor will fossilize into quaint archaism too--in the end.

Sooner the better.

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