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The Button in Love

Dreamed 2009/10/20 by Wayan


I'm reading How to Be Single by Liz Tuccillo--a novel based on a world tour Tuccillo did, interviewing women in different societies on the search for a mate:

The bass note of the book, really. Women simply want men more than I see. My manhating mom taught me not to expect any interest, and despite all the therapy in the world, I still underestimate straight women's desire. Plus, Asperger syndrome half-blinds me to flirtation anyway. I misinterpret the facts!

THAT NIGHT a living stoplight with red, green and blue lights, says 'I love you'; dream sketch by Wayan.

I meet a living stoplight. A cluster of three sentient beings, each intermittently glowing a different hue. Funny: their colors aren't red, yellow and green but red, green and blue. Are they stoplight people? Oh. Phosphor people! Living LED lights.

They're not just living signals, though, but glowing buttons that we're meant to push! But aware, intelligent. Are they really doorbell people?

A boy I know, perhaps ten years old, wants to befriend one button of three. He tries, and... succeeds beyond his intention. Asks the button shyly "Do you like me?"

The button replies, in a flat (but oh so manly!) button voice: "I love you." The boy may be only ten but he knows he likes girls not boys. Not robot boys or alien boys or whatever you call a boy who's a glowing talking autistic button.

Honesty is nice, but this isn't going to get the button laid. It's socially clueless.

* * *

Whoops! I'm still in the dark garage where the button propositoned the boy, but... now I'm a street performer. I sing, do comedy skits, funny voices, a little stage magic. And watch the crowd. This venue is a hotbed of more strange romance. Students are waiting in lines. I recognize an old friend I'm attracted to. She's gay, though. We talk--I use one of my stage voices.

I spot a guy I know, also gay. On impulse I maneuver them together, put hands in the small of their backs, and push them into a kiss! And then start singing to them in Irish dialect: "Molly Malone."

Yep. I truly believe singing about fishmongers will make them change orientation and fall in love! If I just push enough. Oh, I'm bright as a button.


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