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500 x 700 pixels, 37K, digital painting by Chris Wayan, 2002/9/18.

Not a dream for once--I was just feeling stressed out from hay fever today, and wished this was me, at ease in nature, at ease WITH my nature, in heat and loving it. Beautiful, blissed out, beloved...

Meanwhile, back in America... oh well.

This centaur-girl's clearly inspired by my vivid dream PERISSA'S RESERVED SEAT, though Perissa had four human legs and this girl's hind legs are equine. Well, much lighter than any horse--her delicate, deerish frame is quite like Perissa's.

Dog licking centauress in a misty meadow. Daydream sketched by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
So are her dual genitalia. In the dream, Perissa used that doubled sexiness to make a very public political statement; this girl just privately enjoys it.

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