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Dreamed 1974/5/22 by Chris Wayan

I'm on a stage in a vast vaudeville hall, doing Charlie Chaplin routines and magic tricks.

Then someone hands me a ring of invisibility. Not stage magic. REAL magic.

I improvise a number of spectacular tricks disappearing things. For my last trick, I disappear myself.

Backstage, ring off, I meet my dorm-mates Brian and Terri. They're deep in love. On a sudden impulse, I offer them the Ring as a wedding-gift. They each try it on, but no magic--they don't disappear! Immune to its power.

With a fine steel needle they engrave on the ring: "We will always love Charlie Chaplin." With sad faces bursting now and then into bittersweet laughter, they formally give the newly engraved Ring back to me.

Am I Charlie Chaplin, then? I feel sad. They have each other; the leftover love they offer me isn't enough.

It's not enough being Chaplin.

I need someone to love me too.



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