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1992/10/9 nondream digital painting (plus dream-anticipation) by Chris Wayan.

No dream--this really happened. My friend Roxana (cute, but with a boyfriend, sigh) invited me to China Beach, a small sheltered cliff-walled cove here in San Francisco. Only the park rangers can use the tiny service road; a path forked off. Stairs down. Ceanothus clung to the cliff. On the beach, a lesbian couple sunbathed nude. Then, walking the beach, Roxana told me...

Sketch of China Beach with nude sunbathers
All year I'd been enduring therapy, 12-step meetings, endless angst and buried memories. Suddenly I wanted what those nice lesbian couples on the rocks had: sex and love free of the old guilt and drama. At least for that moment, their auras shone.

I know, I know--they probably had their own worries...


Recently, going through my 1992 journal, I found that the night before Roxana invited me to China Beach, I dreamed of ceanothus everywhere, and a park with forking roads... So I guess this one's not quite so non-dream after all.

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