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The Country of the Deaf

Dreamed 1982/7/18 by Chris Wayan

"In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"

I dream I have six senses. I must come out
To my mom. "Worse than gender queer--
worse than Wells's sightless valley where
vision's called madness. The Land of the Deaf

"is unrelenting agonizing racket. They're
guiltless screamers. Free to blare.
Jackhammers. Deaf-built cars backfire,
roar like a Hell's Angel hog-horde.

"Fitful sleep: not just the howls. Their light
relentless bright so they can see to sign."
Mom just muses "Social gaffes? You'd know
things others don't, I guess." Oh, true

enough--I'm scary not just odd: know too
many secrets I just can't. But not my main
point. Was I unclear? Again explain,
spell it out to Mom: "The Deaf cause PAIN."

She will not hear that. Selectively deaf!
Though I did Freudian-slip at first. Misled,
and had to correct my short-circuit head:
I called you all the Country of the Dead.


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