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Digital sketch of a psychic dream, 1994/2/27, by Chris Wayan
for, of course, fantasy writer Diane Duane


I dream of a book cover. A creature lifts its long neck, staring at the moon from an abyss. A dragon? Too shadowy to be sure. I sense... longing. Above, a sky-bridge shines.

I wake and sketch it all on screen...

Moonlit night. A shining sky-bridge over a chasm where a dragon raises its head. Digital sketch of a dream by Wayan.

I read Diane Duane's novel "The Door into Shadow." In it, a woman climbs a shining sky-bridge that appears only by moonlight. She meets a dragon dying in a chasm, and invites his soul to live on inside her. After, she sees him in her shadow. The dragon sees (and tells) their future.

As my dreams, apparently, see mine.

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