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Crested dinosaur with a yarmulke. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge. Dino Yarmulke

Dreamed 2015/10/13 by Wayan
for Ursula Vernon, my favorite chupacabra

I pass the house of an acquaintance. He's a gay dinosaur. A bipedal species, about human-size, a little smaller (but that's him; shorty with a feisty attitude). Tailed, scaled, with a very dino head--snout, earholes, fangs, slit gold eyes. A bright cockatoo crest, like a retractable Mohawk.

I hear a party inside his place. I decide to crash it in hopes of meeting dino girls. I happen to think they're cute. Those big wise eyes...

Oops. Not a party at all--a solemn ceremony for the extended family. Dozens of dinosaurs in yarmulkes. They're Jewish, and it's a holiday I know nothing about.

I give him my respects, say I dropped in on impulse, wanted to give him best wishes... and leave him to it. A brief interruption that puzzles him more than offends, I think.

I head on to my school--Super Mutant Magic Academy. Lots of dinosaurs, of course. And aliens, robots, werewolves, centaurs, you name it. Oh, those cute mutant girls... There's someone for everyone.

Even dinophiliacs.


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