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Direct Action Saves the Ship

Dreamed 2006/11/5 by Alder

I'm on a ship carrying both passengers and cargo. It's wartime, and we're heading out to join a convoy.

Suddenly the loudspeakers blare "This is the captain speaking. I've just been informed there's a chance a saboteur has planted a bomb on board. Passengers, the stewards will help you organize a shipwide hunt. Do not move or even touch anything suspicious; notify the stewards. Children under 18, please go to the lifeboat deck and stay there."

But the kids get bored, so they search the decks. And in a lifeboat, a teen finds a clock wired to a huge bundle of dynamite sticks. The kid ignores orders--gingerly picks it up and chucks it overboard, then runs to tell adults.

Naturally, without the evidence, they're skeptical--and angry at the kid's reckless disobedience, if there really was a bomb.

Just as the grownups get into a serious scold, BOOM! Thunder astern, and a huge dome of seawater fountains up. It was that close to detonation! The kid saved the ship.

And then the whole dream replays!

Are there other possibilities? But the exact same thing happens. The adults fail to find the bomb. The same kid does, and disobeys orders to toss it overboard just before it explodes. Disobedience was the only way.

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