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Dog Airports

Dreamed 1999/5/4 by Chris Wayan

I'm on Okinawa in the far future. Humans are gone--into space, or into extinction? I'm not sure.

But there are still people around--our pets have evolved. Dogs run the airport now. It looks about the same, really, at first. But then as I ask around, and they give me a tour, excited to meet a real live human, I find out that the control tower is empty of people. It's all automatic! Not just traffic control: computers fly the planes too. The pilots just sit there watching. I'm amazed, blurt "You only grab the controls in emergencies?"

"No, not even then--the autopilot is so much better." They NEVER take control, they'd rather die!

It's not fear, or underestimation of their abilities, but piety: taking life into their own paws would be disrespectful to the memory of humans, those godlike creatures who invented all this. Dogs could never do what they could!

So they built chips that could handle all those tasks (something humans never managed in MY time) and sit back humbly, worshipping our memories!

I'm quietly outraged. A new species, and the same old religion--worshiping the past!

I think it over, and come to a hard decision. I have to demystify our species, clear our shadows off the dogs. They're our equals now, or our betters--and they don't even know it.

Only... where do I start?

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