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Dreamed 1994/1/8 by Chris Wayan

I meet a small dragon packing a suitcase. This isn't as strange as it sounds. In this parallel Earth, dragons aren't mythical at all, but a reptilian race from another world, with an advanced but rigid culture. How rigid? When they first met humans they captured them and made them pets and guard dogs. In revenge, humans captured dragons and found that without their culture to support their sense of superiority they went into shock and lost their identities. Just as they had enslaved humans, dragons became slaves, pets, guard dogs...

Humans even bred them as fighters and eventually used them against their own kind!

But at last--generations later--the races have tired of fighting and accepted each other as people.

This dragon I know is one of the first free dragons on Earth. Raised by a human family, it's reptilian in form, but rather human-minded. Now it's ready to go out and see the world on its own terms, explore its dragon-nature too.

I help the dragon pack its socks...


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