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By Madellyne Waugh, late April 2010

Wikipedia defines "moe anthropomorphism" as the art of making cute personifications of inanimate or abstract things--including websites.

Well, I came up with a moe anthropomorph for the World Dream Bank. Yeah, I know, nerdy as they come.

Then again, most of your readers are nerds.

Sketch of a small smiling fox-girl called Dream-tan, by Madellyne Waugh.
PS: When I draw her, her shirt usually has a unicorn on it, but I couldn't draw a good one on a track pad. =(

--Madellyne Waugh


  1. Track pad: medieval torture device to punish heretic artists. Jeez, Madellyne, you have GOT to get a scanner or a pen/tablet! SO much easier. I've drawn comics with a mouse, like My Three Husbands and Brown Dress, and that's hard enough, but a track pad... ow.
  2. Dream-tan's suffix: Not sure how it started, but -tan commonly indicates a moé personification.
  3. The unicorn logo: You're right. She would wear that, wouldn't she. But then the planet makes sense too, considering Planetocopia...
  4. A kitsune (fox-girl) sure fits. I dream of them a lot--here's an example from Trusting Foxes.
--Chris Wayan
Sketch of Dream-tan by Wayan; concept by Madellyne Waugh, influenced by a dream.
(Okay, I added the unicorn to please you)

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