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Early digital prints, 16 colors, 1992, by Chris Wayan.

I've met more animal spirits, and even more air-, water-, earth- and fire-spirits than dryads (tree spirits) in my dreams. But then, I feel closer to animals and the elements; I'm allergic to a lot of tree pollens.

A girl coalesces from autumn leaves.
Trees seem like fashion models to me: beautiful masks but private about their personal lives. This pair of early digital images tried to catch that. Lovely but aloof--busy with her own work.
A gauzy blue-white girl coalesces from falling snow and fallen leaves.
Yet after I drew these, I had a wonderful dryad dream--the trees opened their hearts warmly to me.

Painting the problem, painting my impression of their cool indifference to us, changed it!

If it wasn't just my expectation. If they'd ever been cold at all...

dryad on a summer path

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