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Dreamed 1999/8/30 by Chris Wayan

I'm in a car full of nerds--and I'm one of them. No, that's not the nightmare--I'm used to nerdism.

But a gang starts taunting us. They're not all men, and strangely dressed--the men like a bit like bikers, the women kind of slutty. Oh! They're the Singles Bar Cult! They've been drinking again...

The gang picks up one sloppy-drunk woman and slings her through the open window, into our car, into the laps of the two shy men in the front seat. They sneer "Aw, you guys don't even know what to do with her when she's sittin' right on it."

But SHE doesn't sneer at them, she just laughs blurrily. In fact I kind of like her energy. So she's maybe not an intellectual. At least she's not mean.

Now it's MY lap she's in. I grab her; we paw and giggle.

Mmmm... we fuck right there, as they all gawk--my nerdy friends for one reason, our baiters for another.

I come...

And wake in the middle of the orgasm. For a moment, to my astonishment, I can feel the dream-penis spurting uncontrollably... and my waking-body penis NOT!

I wake fully, and find this is true. Not a wet dream. A dry dream?

Yet the dream orgasm was unmistakable, in fact one of the most intense I've felt.

Weird. Every dream study I've seen says orgasm in a dream is matched by an orgasm in the physical body. It's hard for them to say which causes which--if that's even a meaningful question. REM dreaming causes sexual arousal in both men and women, regardless of the dream's content, even if it's totally unsexy. The link between REM and penile/clitoral erection is so consistent, it's a reliable sign of the REM state in the lab. But orgasm without orgasm?

I didn't know that was even POSSIBLE.


I can't logically explain what happened. But I have my suspicions. I feel like I was being deliberately shown just how independent the dreamworld can be from the physical world. Lots of dreams are rooted in the physical body, but... they don't have to be. At ALL.

And my dreams wanted to make a point of proving it.

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