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Early Morning Dream

Dreamed c.1986 by Brian Cronwell

Heads shaved, in loose-fitting gray robes,
they swing acrobatically from eave to eave,
house to house, building to building,
the young men. The avenue, cold and dark,
night. Few residents are awake;
those who are, like me, are struck
by the unlikeliness of their actions.

And then, in front of Puvogel's Florists,
two lose their handgrips, miss the eaves,
fall hard to the pavement; assistants
pull them close to the curb to wait
for ambulances, moaning through sacrificial beards,
bleeding their consciousness away
as the others continue to swing down the sheet,
eave to eave, house to house, building to building,
in the cold, dark night just before dawn...

SOURCE: Dreamworks: an Interdisciplinary Quarterly (v.5, no.1, 1986, p.17)

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