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Dreamed 2000/3/22 by Chris Wayan

Silky, my familiar, in a sexy human body today, is playing with me: we're scribbling with emotional crayons. If you see blue, you feel blue, and so on.

It's fun to learn which colors/emotions are opposites. A revelation to her, how some fit neatly into complementary pairs. Oh, we all know it intellectually, but it's different coloring a patch in and then feeling the emotion. Being pulled this way and that. I also like those emotions that "trine" on the color wheel: not opposites, but far apart, mixable to create whole ranges of blends, like blue and yellow making a chorus of greens.

Silky says in delight "First I undervalued feelings, then I was afraid of them... but I hadn't realized how colorful they are!"

I still fear getting trapped in one mood, one color range--it's happened to me for long periods after all. But now I have a full emotional palette, and can draw a feeling's opposite to pull myself out of anything bad.

I don't think I ever HAD a full set before! All those years.

Painting of a dream by Wayan: an easel by a lake, the painter seen from the back, a round canvas like a color wheel with hues linked by curving lines, and labels in dream-language. Click to enlarge.
NOTE: the squiggles, in my private dream-alphabet, label each color with the emotion it stimulates (at least according to the dream): grief (indigo blue), fear (purple), love (plum-red), rage (red-orange), shame (gold), joy (lemon yellow), jealousy (green), serenity (turquoise)...

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