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The Entangled Man

Dreamed 2012/5/5 by Chris Wayan

We're on a starship heading (cautiously!) toward the event horizon of a huge singularity--maybe the giant at the galaxy's heart. One of our research team, a short bearded gentle guy, was on the last expedition, and somehow he got quantum-entangled with the singularity.

He's so entangled that as he nears the event horizon he resonates with the unpredictability of the singularity-point. Too much closer and he'll mirror its breakdown of logic and law--he could become anything! Most experts expect him to just dissolve into chaos--most likely in his sleep, when his awareness softens its focus. Observers don't just collapse waveforms; we collapse all our own possibilities into character as we see ourselves. While we're awake.

But so far he's proved the pessimists wrong! He does take to bed--he needs to concentrate on maintaining his body's pattern. But even in sleep he's stable so far, still himself, and we're orbiting near the event horizon now; as close as we can get. Surprising what a mind can do.

I wonder if the singularity-point below us, hidden in that haze of pale violet radiation, has invisibly stabilized in resonance with his firm will. A tiny creature may have tamed a chaotic entity outweighing whole star-clusters. Entanglement works both ways!

But if I were the one entangled, I suspect I might dissolve. In my dreams, I'm hazy about my self-image. Now, wait--I'm only hazy about my form. My values and character stay firm, even in my weirdest dreams. So I might just wake up transformed physically.

You know, I might not mind that a bit. I don't in my dreams. Change sex? Change species? Wake as an energy being? Who knows? But I like changes like that, and they never tilt into nightmare; I can trust my unconscious focus.

Time to admit it to myself. I envy him. I want to risk entanglement. And if he did it last time, somehow--got himself linked to that singularity point seething below us--why can't I?

People think of black holes as all fire, chaos and destruction. And he's married that power.

But linked to a mind that knows itself, it's a miracle generator.


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