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Ceramic sculpture, 10.5" long, 2000; by Chris Wayan

I'm sculpting a series of partial figures emerging from the surface they lie on... I like the idea of implying a whole figure in a space you can't access, and the shapes on the border of the invisible slice are fascinating.

Model on her stomach in shallow water turns her head to find a camera standing on her butt, winking at her through its lens and shooting itself. Click to enlarge.
This one was inspired by an outtake from a fashion shoot. The model was half-awash in beach surf, and the director was shoving her butt an inch lower in the sand, and someone must have said "smile" and shot them. They both cracked up--it looked like Pervert Director Meets Mer-Bimbo. Both were women, which somehow made it funnier.
Rear view of model looking over her shoulder at little camera-man squatting on her butt. Click to enlarge.
It was too complex for me to sculpt like that, so I fused the director and the camera into a mini-mecha-photographer, and let them eye each other... Here it is, the essence of modeling, a closed feedback loop we can watch but not really invade. At least this one looks generally happy--the camera's not screaming "YOU'RE TOO FAT" or something...
View from above showing the convoluted outline of the model's body where it enters the water, and the astonished look on her face. Click to enlarge.
(These photos don't pick it up well, but her hair is really red-brown, and her eyes and hair ribbon are forest green.)

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