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Finally I'm an Old Whore

Dreamed Jan./Feb. 1953 by Jack Kerouac

writer Jack Kerouac

FINALLY I'M AN OLD WHORE waiting in my bed, sexless, knowing the only time I'll wake up is when young boys are brought to me---instead of the usual round of old ladies---apparently I'm a male---I wake up surprised---there is no scene, just my bed, me in it, 11 o'clock Sunday morning---dismal like the 'beat brother' on the little gray street with the house, but my sister's not around, and from a horrible tired-out brother I've turned in my shame into a Silly Dylan Thomas old whore... old whore alcoholic and told everybody so... a silly Jack Kerouac whore with that same old tired old gasafaycagoo.


Source: page 53 of Book of Dreams by Jack Kerouac, expanded (2001) edition, City Lights Books. Date estimated from sequence.

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