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Financial Porn

Dreamed 1980/12/24 by Chris Wayan

It's Christmas eve. So what do my dreams think of our yearly consumer orgy?

I dream I'm reading a men's magazine with photo-spreads of nude women, much like Playboy... but the articles are all on money and power. The Wall Street Journal meets Hustler!

Funny. The finance and the porn have exactly the same tone: enthusiastic, unapologetic self-interest without the slightest regard for others--for consequences.

Strange how Americans consider this selfishness pornographic in sex, but not at all exploitive if it's in business or politics! Why, that's just normal!

I look again at the foldout photos of smiling women inviting me to fuck them, at least in fantasy. And then at the articles on how to fuck the whole world, and not in fantasy. For real.

Financial porn.

And suddenly the sex-porn starts to look innocent and sweet. Almost... right.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

A nude centerfold amid falling, crumpled dollar bills and articles on how to devour the world.

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