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Thumbnail of Canadian maple-leaf flag. Thumbnail of Canadian maple-leaf flag. Fount of Canadian Wisdom

Dreamed 1982/11/17 by Wayan

I dream I meet old Wisdom in his shop. He
explains me. “You youth are mired in misery
for you neglect hinge-points--won't spend
attention's coin on tedious detail.
So life works only fitfully, and you all end
severed from the living small,
adrift in abstract grand. Lost all.”

"It's true!" I think in momentary thrill,
but then an inner skeptic says "That’s not
the whole tale! More sous-chefs stir my pot
of pain. My idiot boss..." I'd ponder this alone,
but on Wisdom drones: "Youth is so rash."

I try to shut him up by manifesting cash.
A magic I've just mastered--worked my will
til mental muscles shook--repeated till
Imagination's buns hardened. From thin air

I tease a five-dollar bill (Canadian) and nest it in
the Jungian geezer's hand. But Wisdom smiles
and lets it go. Lets his sober sermon flow.

I escalate--create a twenty-five-dollar bill!
Wisdom is Canadian--of course, all Wisdom is--
so a Maple Twentyfive's familiar; I can't expect
parochial American surprise it isn't twenty. But
I hope still--'tis the biggest bill I've coaxed yet
from potential's womb. I slip him wrinkled it.
Miracle enough to pause the Archetype?

Nay. The sage blats on. Feel flat. Feel bad;
for I guiltily wish Wise Jungian Elders had
a mute. A parking brake. What does it take?
Sigh! Not even bribes miraculous will slake
(oh, CORK!) the Fount of Canadian Wisdom.
I give up, plug my ears, and wait to wake.


Canadian maple-leaf flag.

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