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The Glowing Clit

Dreamed around 2009/6/21 by "Allison Skywalker"

I was awoken from a deep sleep in my grey tent, situated in a "tented community" of revolutionists/refugees hiding in a vast forest, when a young man FRANTICALLY yelled into my tent, "THEY'RE COMING, THEY'RE COMING!!!"

It was madness outside my tent. Everyone was at top speed gathering the necessities of nomadic survival and scattering into the trees as if being hunted by something unimaginably horrific. It was madness inside my tent as well because I did not remember who or where I was and I had a HUGE morning hard-on that shocked the hell out of me because I was still a woman. I knew i was still 'me' but I did not remember why I had this penis obviously surgically attached, and even more importantly, I knew that I was a leader of great significance and was to be protected at all costs, but I did not know what the hell was going on or at what point in the future this was all happening in. I knew my new penis was a secret and I was utterly at a loss as to how I was to get this huge morningwood to go down and tuck it in somehow, so it would not to be noticed.

As the frenzied pace outside went into even faster hyper-mode, I knew I did not have much time. With certain death, or WORSE, rapidly approaching, I could not stop inspecting this new member. It was clearly just attached and haphazardly so, because the stitches were of poor quality and the damn thing looked as if it could be pulled off without effort.


A mysterious fragment! When she emailed it to me, Allison subtitled it "an epic". Why? Where's the rest? And why's it titled "The Glowing Clit"? Now, "The Growing Clit", that'd make some sense.... What happens next? Did Allison pull the grafted penis off? A cliffhanger.

And I can't ask Allison. When I tried to email her back to ask, the mailer crashed! Either the address,, was dead... or her spam filter blocks replies. Several people use this pseudonym around the web, and so far I haven't tracked down the right one...

Allison, where are you? Tell us the rest! WAAAAHHH!
But then frustration over half-tales, aborted epics, dream shards, is something all dreamworkers have to get used to.

--Chris Wayan

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