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1995/8/2 digital painting of two dream characters by Chris Wayan--about my first done from scratch in Photoshop.

For me, '95 was a year of nuts and bolts. Switched computers, art techniques, careers, nasty habits.

I had fewer visions and dreams of the old kind--intense and otherworldly--airy fairy if you like. Practicality dominated the year. I needed that, I'd neglected a lot of practical matters; but I miss the old dreams.

The words written on the air, echo a 1500-year-old poem by Taliesin, and also the Scots ballad The Great Selkie: "I am a man upon dry land, I am a selkie in the sea..."

A plush griffin meets a long-necked dragon, mid-air; words read: 'I am a gryphon in the wind, I am a dragon in the sea... but not very often.

But for me, that year, I had to add a painful new coda: "but not very often."

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