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Dreamed 2004/1/4 by Larry Vigon

Jay and I were in the military. It was our night off and we were waiting in line with a lot of other guys waiting to see some prostitutes.

As I stood in line I remembered I had cut my penis in half in a dream I had the night before. I kept trying to stick it back together before it was my turn to see one of the girls. Every time tiem I tried to put my cock in place I thought it looked funny and if anything sexual were to happen it would fall apart immediately.

Then it was my turn to see one of the girls and there I was holding the top half of my cock in my left hand. Once in the room I saw the girl, she was a young dark haired slender type and quite attractive. I told her there was something wrong with my cock, that it had been cut in half during a fight. Just as I told her that story I looked down and saw that my cock was completely normal, good as new--and added "but it's fine now."

Now we are both naked and we are kissing, then I am kissing her breasts. Her skin is smooth and soft and she smells wonderful. Then I notice she is laughing a kind of bored laugh and I say, "what's wrong"? and she says "It's always the same old thing with all the guys." I ask her what I could do that was different and she said "Come back a few times and I'll show you." I said, "But I haven't come yet". And she said "don't focus on that so much, come back and see me and I'll show you things you have never seen before."

Then I was outside the whorehouse, lying on top of a truck, wrapped in a blanket. There was a lot of noise and activity going on in the parking lot where I am on top of the truck. Now I realize the whorehouse is in a fenced-in compound guarded by a large police force. The police have just caught two of the prostitutes I guess who were trying to get away. They hit the girls and threw them on the ground. Then one of the policemen broke both legs of one girl and the foot of the other.

I was worried they might think I was some kind of a trouble maker, so I climbed down off the truck and tried to make my way to the exit. It was difficult to make any progress because it seemed that the entire compound had erupted into a riot situation.

Severed penis in my hand. Dream painting by Larry Vigon.

Source: Larry Vigon's book Dream, 2006. Unpaged, dreams untitled; this one near end. Title added only as search aid.


It isn't clear if the "dream I had the night before" in the dream was a dream Vigon had on January 3, or if he only recalled it inside the Jan. 4 dream to find, when he woke, that he'd had quite different dreams Jan.3. I've had both sorts, actual dreams and spurious ones remembered.

What's unique here is that the dream-within-the-dream, whichever sort it is, casts a physical shadow into this dream. His penis is still cut in two.

Even when it spontaneously heals, the underlying problem doesn't; the situation decays from state-sanctioned prostitution to sex-slavery, brutally enforced, to a full-on riot. Other dreams around this time echo this--a beloved dog has seizures, drunk celebrities get weird, guilt blocks near-affairs, Mick Jagger attacks Vigon. He doesn't analyze or explain, but it's clearly serious and circles around sex. Something's only half-healed.

--Chris Wayan

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