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Dreamed 1979/1/25 by Chris Wayan

I'm with a shapeshifting friend and his mother, atop a mountain pass. It ends in a cliff. At its foot, a school and market: our goal. But how can we get down?

It's simple for him and his mom. They just turn to birds!

I can't do that. But in a way it's even simpler for me. I just grow wings, and launch myself off the cliff, solid bones and all. I plummet for the first ten yards, then catch the air with a strain...

His mom flutters down in a broad spiral, leaving me discreetly alone to struggle with my weight. But my friend... buzzing me like a cometary moon, he teases me for my labored flight, so heavy, so human...

I defend myself: "I can't CHANGE, like you. Besides, I'm the heaviest flyer on earth, I'm pushing the limits of flight. And I LIKE working at flying, skimming things, staying low."

We all fly down the cliff in our own ways. I land hard, but that's normal.


It's getting there that counts.

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