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1990. Early (16-color) digital picture by Chris Wayan

What I mean by soul (in fact, what I mean by the whole damn poem) is this: when your heart is cowed by your circumstances or upbringing, and your mind has no answer (or clings to wrong answers like mine), forget both--try intuition, spirit, senseless images and hunches that get your brain blathering "THAT'S not me! THAT makes no sense!"

When your brain-cops are edgy, you're getting warm!

Floating in darkness, a brown man chants this graffiti poem: If your heart is beat, don't be defeat: fill the hole, with SOUL.

The piece was inspired by the 1990 graffiti style in Soma (San Francisco) though the content is all me.

Has anyone else noticed that graffiti, whether words or images or both, is like haiku? A vivid, brief artform stripped to essentials.

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