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I Never Saw Jung Die

Dreamed 2003/11/24 by Larry Vigon

Surreal head. Dream painting by Larry Vigon.

I was with my brother but it was not my brother. He was older and bigger and did not look like a twin. He and his girlfriend were bank robbers. They had been on the lam for a long time and knew they were about to be caught.

I was in a public bathroom with my brother, I think talking about his imminent arrest. He asked me for some toilet paper but there was none to be found anywhere in the bathroom.

Then he was driving me home up the hill from the valley. He said he was sorry for my involvement in his life of crime. My use of criminal lingo ws very good. Then he said,

"I never saw Jung die."
Meaning there was no doubt he was dead, but just that he hadn't seen it.


Well, by definition I guess we have to call this a Jungian dream! However reluctantly. What's it mean? That Jung's vision faded into obsolescence? That we live in a post-Jungian world where money's all and mysticism is dead?

Though Vigon's brother, now facing arrest, might say anti-Jungian profit-seeking has been, for him, a truly shitty deal.

--Chris Wayan

Source: Larry Vigon's book Dream, 2006. Unpaged, dreams untitled. Title added only as search aid.

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