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I Wanna Be

"I Wanna Be" performed by Mike Marrelli and The Krelkins
Won't play? Plain MP3, 3.2 MB, 44khz, song length 3:20)

I wanna be, I wanna be
I wanna be What I wanna be

Hey tell me, tell me, what you wanna be
I know you know it, but it's under lock and key
What is the thing that you may wish that you had done
Tell me, oh tell me, now what's your number one? grayscale photo of small boy in cowboy hat playing guitar.


Isn't it a drag the way they tell us what to think
They tell us what to eat, what to smoke and what to drink
They're feeding us this bullshit like we're just so many fools
They tell us on the TV, and on the billboards too


instrumental break

If you don't love what you're doing, there's something you'd like more
Doesn't matter if it make you rich or make you poor
Don't let people sway you, gotta make up your own mind
Otherwise this living is just like doing time


We're gonna be, we're gonna be
We're gonna be what we wanna be...

Are you gonna be, are you gonna be
Are you gonna be what you wanna be?

The Krelkins are: Mike Marrelli, lead vocals and guitar; Nic Griffin, drums and vocal harmony; Chris Wayan, bass and vocal harmony. Song by Mike Marrelli.

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