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Japan, 4:34 AM

Dreamed 2011/3/11 by Laura Atkinson, collage 2011-2013

2013 collage illustration of dream of Fukushima disaster, by Laura Atkinson.

I am walking in the fog...perhaps along a sea shore. Everything is very quiet. Kotaro appears before me, and he doesn't say anything. He has his camera wrapped around his neck - he takes it off and hands it to me. His face is very serious. In the dream I look at the camera then look back up at Kotaro, thinking in the dream "this is such a gift to be handed his camera." His face gets very stern and he then strongly pushes his cell-phone INTO my chest (not just a shove, but the phone becomes part of my body). He doesn't say anything but I hear the name "Misa." I am so shocked by this dream that I awaken, fully alert.

It is only upon waking that I realize that both photos and electronics are psychic markers for my dreams. I'm unable to get back to sleep, having an urgent feeling. I turn on the computer, and there is the breaking news of the 9.0 Japan Earthquake being shown on, the subsequent tsunami and nuclear meltdown.

I realize now that Kotaro was not handing me his camera to take over his daily photographs, he was talking with me in a dream language that I would understand - something that would trigger my awareness. Evidently in the dream, I didn't catch on to that right away, thus his more stern and dramatic gesture of putting a telecommunication device into my body.

SOURCE: the International Association for the Study of Dreams ( Psiber Art Gallery archive for 2013.


Atkinson says "both photos and electronics are psychic markers for my dreams." A clearer phrasing might be "markers of psychic dreams", flags that a dream isn't processing internal events (whether psychological or physiological) but picking up external events (subliminally or otherwise). Even those dream researchers like Jung who accepted ESP as real don't talk of such dreams as flagging their own dream-type so the (dimwit!) conscious won't misinterpret; but it does happen. A dream character talks of dreams, even says "this is a dream", and you go lucid; telepathy's mentioned and next morning a friend tells you a dream echoing yours; or clairvoyance gets signaled, as here, and the news from Japan is indeed urgent. I call these self-flagging dreams.

--Chris Wayan

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