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Kick the Faerie Bell

Dreamed 2015/8/20 by Chris Wayan
for Spenser's Britomartis and poor mad Richard Dadd

I stalk the dream-corridor.
    Through an open door
girls robed in white
    murmur in salon.
Haze of gauze on skin
    tugs me tidally,
luring in--and their
    auras even more--
I long to join, but fear
    to rupt their sorcery
rising like a sea.

I'll never know! Walk on.

Hubbub to the right, where
    tinsel wreaths a door.
The Faerie Court! I am
    too casually dressed
but crash the ball. Walk up
    to the Queen upon
Plush divan. I bow, intone:
    "I a message bear."
Didn't know I did, until
    I said. "'Tis from
the Builder of the New
    Studio--" Oh, no! Forgot
his proper moniker. Ah, but
    the Fae elite care not;
they're honorific-mad, eschew
    true names. So I declaim
my message--lost now too--
    and am gravely blessed.
Nectar in a long-stem glass,
    I wander 'mong

the revels' flow. Fey throng.

A slender trapeze-dancer rings
    each hour. Black-curled, tall,
in a sequined leotard, she swings
    trapeze at ease--such long
Quasimodo arcs--but then
    twists to kick ferociously
at a monster bell--
    lips gape five yards wide.
For a horrid flash
    I dreaded she'd head-bang
the waiting, swimming thing,
    maximizing gong.
But no; more reasonable ring
    (I don't claim sane:
skin attacking bronze!) She
    strikes so rattler-fierce
it's clear she's practiced long.
    A toughened sole. O
thundersmack! A note so low
    we shake. I shock awake

head echoing. Wild GONG!

A salon of white-robed witches. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
The Faerie Court. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Trapezist kicks a huge bronze bell. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


The Faerie Court. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

This dream shows how interpretation can hinge on just a few details. Does it take a psychoanalyst to figure out which ones? Nope! The dream often announces which ones they are. Sure, Kick the Bell is full of tempting detours--all those side doors, all those Faerie Courtiers. But I'm bearing an Important Message! The dream tells you where the message is. What's it about? A studio. Only one studio in my life right now! And that final gong clarifies what song the dream's about.

Looked at casually, it could be about sex or parties or pure escapism or any damn thing you want. But focus, and it's simple: "Studio! The song with the gong in it!"

Mind you, I get distracted. When I woke I mostly recalled the magical girls, strange rituals and weird creatures. But look at the core actions, and things come clear.

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