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Dreamed 1979/9/23 by Chris Wayan

My parents' house has been sold and turned into a sex club. How satisfyingly ironic! Sepia pencil drawing of two couples making love in small rooms with a window between; two non-partners eyes meet and lock in recognition. Click to enlarge.

I walk inside and wander around a while. Meet a shy, rather nervous Asian girl. I soothe her, talk gently and just stroke her hair a while... but for a change I don't get lost in caretaking: remember what I'm here for, too.

I lead her into a booth with curtains and a rail like a ballet barre, and nuzzle her neck from behind while my erect cock slips up under her skirt, between her legs. I start to fuck her standing up, and she gasps and pushes up tight against me, closing her eyes. She grabs the barre, and bends over and pushes hard with her legs into me as we fuck dog-style until we're gasping...

I can hear a couple in the next booth, just a couple of feet away. Suddenly I want to see, too! The girl under me still has her eyes squeezed shut, concentrating on the overwhelming sensations as she starts to come. Her head's well below the privacy-curtain, so I risk it--impulsively pull open the curtain, and put my nose to the glass. Facing me, just inches away, is a girl with huge eyes, rather like Audrey Hepburn.

Instantly I know why I had the impulse to open the curtain. She's my soulmate. I was meant to meet her. But like this? She's crouched on her haunches, her lover thrusting up into her. She stretches and squirms till her face is right up by the glass too. We look in each other's eyes while our partners, under us, fuck away unaware.

I kiss the glass between us. She's startled. "Someone's coming" she mouths silently, then something else: "dangerous man" maybe? If so, who? A cop, a pimp? Ha. Is there a difference? I'm nervous now, waiting for him to interrupt us...

...and I wake. But I know now who I want. Not just sex, not just a lover, but a soulmate. And be ready to meet her anywhere.


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